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Your partner in e-mailmarketing

E-ngine is the e-mail marketing specialist that meets your online needs. Our strength is push marketing, building large online databases and optimize your ROI.

With our in-house developed e-mail marketing platform E-ngine, we send millions of emails and are servicing our clients successfully.

Complete e-mail marketing tool

Increase your retention and conversion

E-ngine is a complete e-mailmarketing solution which offers the right knowledge. Are you looking for an e-mail partner which contributed to the succes of Vakantieveilingen, Groupdeal and Happybee? We look forward to meeting you!


  • Specialized in high volumes
  • Proactive and personal support
  • No prolonged contracts
  • Extensive statistics


Optimize your e-mail campaigns

With CampaignTracker E-ngine offers an unique service to help you gather e-mailaddresses. Combine CampaignTracker with your e-mail gathering campaigns and only gather new addresses. You can also specify your campaign based on gender or postalcode.

Advantages Campaigntracker

  • More turnover through e-mail campaignes
  • Targeted leads (e-mail addresses)
  • Only unique e-mailaddress, no overlap
  • Filter on non existing e-mail addresses
  • Unlimited number of sponsors

DMARC Analyzer

Secure your e-mail marketing channel

DMARC is the newest e-mail marketing related specification. DMARC Analyzer helps to proces and analyze the reports which you receive when using DMARC. Register at DMARC Analyzer and check whether your e-mail channel is DMARC compatible.

Advantages DMARC Analyzer

  • Secure and monitor your e-mail marketing channel
  • Automatically process DMARC reports
  • Extensive and clear reporting
  • Check whether you are ‘DMARC compatible’
  • Tips on how to secure your e-mail channel

eData – Tag Management System

Grip on data is essential

Discover relevant customer segments that represent most of the conversion potential. eData analyses, optimises and automates marketing processes with focus on email marketing for Customer Lifecycle Management. eData gives you insight into your customers’ behaviour and why they make purchases.


  • Online marketeers are using marketingchannels separately from each other
  • Data is explosively increasing and becomes untouchable
  • Consequence: irrelevant customer communication allowing conversion spots remain untapped

Functies E-ngine.

e-mailmarketing software

E-ngine is a complete e-mail marketing platform connected with mobile, Social Media and customer intelligence.
Specialized in high volumes

Built your customer profiles, choose your target group and send unique newsletters to millions of subscribers in minutes!

Get insight about your audience and campagnes with comprehensive, real-time statistics, so you can easily see your ROI.

1. E-ngine features

E-ngine features the latest email functionalities like social media integration, mobile statistics and full segmentation capabilities. Target your leads and customers with information, offers and promotions using the customer intelligence functionality. Easily create a layout, schedule the mailing and send a unique message to all your customers.

2. Proactive and personal guidance

Email marketing has many opportunities and directions. In cooperation with you we determine what is needed for the best email strategy. E-ngine helps proactively to optimize your email marketing channel to service your customers the best possible way and to achieve maximum conversion.

3. High deliverability and best performance

Since 2007 E-ngine grown rapidly and there are now many customers in 19 different countries that use E-ngine. We monitor your email and we provide optimal inboxscores to achieve the best performance.



"E-ngine enables us to send our daily newsletter in an automated way, based on our subscribers interests. E-ngine understands the way in which we differentiate ourselves from competitors and also helps us in their guidance."
Sander schoneville
Director / Co-founder


"Initially we chose to cooperate with E-ngine throughout our agreement of our white label with GroupDeal. GroupDeal was very pleased with the cooperation with E-ngine and E-ngine offered us an excellent price/quality ratio. We started with a relatively small database, a collaboration with excellent quality and service which was far beyond our expectation."
axel kennick
Online Productowner


"From day one, we worked with E-ngine and ever since has been a pleasant cooperation in optimizing our email flow. Given the complexity and amount of different trigger mails the expertise of E-ngine has been a huge win!"
Chantal Malaihollo
Director / Co-founder

Costs E-ngine

> 25.000.000€ 0,30
> 20.000.000€ 0,35
> 12.500.000€ 0,40
> 7.500.000€ 0,50
> 2.500.000€ 0,60
> 0€ 0,70
* Costs per month based on CPM (1000 sent e-mails). Rates from reaching offset based on total volume

Optional Costs*

Convert template to HTML€ 495,00
Design new template€ 795,00

Responsive Proof*

Design new template€ 995,00
Convert template to HTML€ 695,00
* Prices are based on a basic template

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